Many Point Campout - All You Wanted to Know

Greetings and salutations!    We are in the final countdown to Many Point 2016!    I hope that all the scouts are excited and looking forward to a great experience.     Many Point is the quintessential summer scout camp that should provide hours of fun, hands on learning, new experiences, and develope strong friendships.    There are always stories that come back that the scouts recount again and again (I encourage you to ask them about them when they come home).

 Attached is file with all the information you should need.  If you have any questions after reading this, please feel free to contact myself, Mr. Braun, or Mr. Klema and we would be happy to help you.   Remember, Be Prepared.


 Special Message to Scouts (from Robbie & Mr. Pekay):

-          Welcome to Many Point 2016!  We hope that this will be a fantastic, fun, and great camp experience (where you just may learn a thing or two also)

-          Tips to be successful:  

  • Be Positive and assume positive intentions from the other scouts (they rarely are trying to do bad things)
  • Look for ways to help out  à the faster your patrol / troop gets done with the work, the faster you get to doing more fun stuff!
  • Do something fun, interesting, and different every day   (and then tell Robbie about it, he wants to know)
  • Follow the buddy system all the time!   Getting lost can be annoying and puts the entire troop behind as we look for you
  • No food in the tents.  Really.  You scare the raccoons when you surprise them in your tent snacking on your stuff.
  • If you need anything or have a question, ask Robbie. He is here to help

-          Scouts going to Water Sport High Adventure:  Please bring something blue (e.g. bandana) to tie on the outside of your tent.  We will be using this to determine who to wake up early


Congratulations New Scout Leaders! See Below for Job Responsibilities

Posted on May 15 2016 - 10:49pm

Congratulations to the new Troop 584 Youth Leadership Team!       For the next 6 months you will help to guide our troop, under the direction of your Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders.     I was very impressed with everyone’s interest, energy and focus on the leadership positions.     Now that you have received the vote of confidence of your troop, it is time for you to begin fulfilling your obligations. 

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