Many Point is Happening Now!

The reports from Many Point have been very positive and the scouts seem to be having a great time!   Be ready to pick your scout up on Saturday at the Church (sounds like roughly 3:00 pm arrival, but check your email for actual times).    

Upcoming events:  Seabase & Brothers Meats Fundraiser!   The adventure continues!


Brothers Meat Fundraiser - August 2nd: Sign up now!

Posted on Jul 11 2014 - 8:39am

Brother's Meats Fundraiser is coming up on Saturday August 2nd. This is a great summer fundraiser, a good way to earn $$ for their scout accounts and learn some skills, plus it's a lot of fun! We will be selling hot dogs, brats, chips, soda & water - Brother's Meats supplies everything we need. The boys will have an opportunity for money handling, taking & filling orders along with advertising,  by holding signs to pull in customers. We will also need parents to help oversee the boys as well as "grill" the hot dogs & brats (adults are required to handle the cooking) Money earned per scout is based on total profit for the day and is allocated based on total hours worked per scout/parent.  Parents, your hours count too!!  

Many Point - Last Minute Details

Posted on Jul 3 2014 - 6:10am

Are you getting excited, I know I am.  

Just to give you an update we will be meeting in the parking lot across from the church at Boston Scientific at 8am to get organized with scouts, equipment and check in. Make sure scouts and adult leaders are in there Class A uniforms to travel there and back.  I would like to leave around 9:00am ish. We will drive for about an hour and stop at a rest area for a rest room break. With this many people we believe this is a good idea. From there we will stop near or at Wadena for lunch so make sure your scout has money for lunch. Talk to your scout about saving money for the ride back as well. After lunch it takes a little over an hour to get to Many Point.  We will have plenty of time to set up camp before dinner. 

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